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A traditional handwriting curriculum that uses workbook practice four days a week based on letters and words from the ‘verse of the week.’ On the fifth day, students use border sheets from their workbooks, and combine the verse and artwork for an 'art masterpiece' featuring God’s Word, in their very own handwriting! A Reason For Writing® Student Workbooks offer a proven method of encouraging regular, daily practice - 10 to 15 minutes of perfecting practice each day! The format is fun, flexible, and easy-to-use. And most importantly - children learn Scripture as they improve their skills!
My son enjoyed practicing his penmanship with Reason for Writing. The books use Scripture as the practice for learning to write. At the end of each week, the child chooses a blank practice page that is decorated. After completing his handwriting sentence on that page, the child can color it in--making it a great piece of schoolwork to display on the fridge each week. BT - Georgia
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