A Spelling Dictionary for Writers

When I mentioned that I was planning to order another copy of this Spelling Dictionary for our third daughter, our fourth daughter spoke up, "I want one, too!" When asked if she couldn't just share with her sisters, she said she wanted to write her own words in her own dictionary. That is one cool feature of this book: room on each page for the student to record words she wants to remember how to spell. The first part of the book is a 34 page dictionary, without definitions or pronunciations, containing words children are likely to use in their own writing. The Word Bank follows, with a mini-thesaurus to give young authors alternatives to words like "then," "big," "small," and "said." Lists of theme words (the calendar, colors, weather, and body parts, for example) complete this user-friendly reference. Our children have used their personal copies throughout their elementary years. Even our oldest daughter, now 13 years old, treasures hers for quick look-ups. Colleen Manning
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