A World in a Drop of Water

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Explore the world of single-celled organisms!
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Dover Publications
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Ages 6 - 14
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A great book about the world of single-celled organisms! This inexpensive volume showcases an array of curious creatures: a blob-like amoeba; a slipper-shaped paramecium and its mortal enemy, the suctorian; the hydra and its crown of grasping tentacles; and many others. The authors recount the feeding, reproductive, and defensive strategies employed by these animals in easy-to-understand language that opens the door to a wonderful world of discovery. Within every drop of pond water lurks a fascinating invisible world of one-celled organisms. Trace the path of a blob-like amoeba as it stretches out its pseudopods to hunt, see the life-or-death struggle of a paramecium as it swims away from its mortal enemy - the pincushion-shaped sectorian, and witness a creature with two wheels of whirling hairlike projections - and these are only the beginning! This is a great book by itself but if you also have a microscope, you’re really in for a treat! I love this book!

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