A Young Man/Woman After God's Own Heart

A Young Man - The author of A Man After Godís Own Heart takes older teenagers on a radical journey of faith. Through Godís extreme wisdom and powerful insights from the life of warrior and leader King David, readers will get on track with right priorities, discover Godís amazing will, live God through their actions, gear up for serving the Lord, and build meaningful friendships. Young men will discover biblical principles that blaze a trail to godly living. A Young Man After Godís Own Heart helps guys grow into men who honor God in all they do.

A Young Woman - A Teen's Guide to Friends, Faith, Family, and the Future! This young womanís version of the bestselling book A Woman After Gods Own Heart shares the intentions and blessings of Godís heart with teen girls. On this journey they discover His priorities for their lives--including prayer, submission, faithfulness, and joy--and how to embrace those priorities in daily life. Elizabethís mentor style, the "Heart Response" messages of reflection, and the age-significant themes make this an excellent book for groups or for personal study. And best of all, girls will discover that God is a faithful, caring, and loving friend - during this exciting and sometimes difficult time in their lives.
Jim George and his wife, Elizabeth George, are Christian authors and speakers. Jim, author of A Husband After Godís Own Heart (a Gold Medallion finalist) and The Bare Bones Bible Handbook, has M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from Talbot Theological Seminary. He has served in various pastoral roles for 25 years and on The Masterís Seminary staff for 10 years. Jim and Elizabeth have two married daughters and are grandparents.

Elizabeth George, whose books have sold more than 4.2 million copies, is the author of A Woman After God's Own Heartģ (more than 885,000 copies sold), Life Management for Busy Women, and Loving God with All Your Mind. She is also a popular teacher and speaker at Christian womenís events. Elizabeth and her husband, Jim, are parents and grandparents, and have been active in ministry for more than 30 years.
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