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Give logic and reasoning room to move as children slide into real mathematical success! These 120 puzzles will have children shuffling their abacus beads up and down as they solve these clever conundrums and actually learn how to count using this multi-cultural “machine.”
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Fat Brain Toys
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Ages 9-13
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2011 PUZZLE OF THE YEAR AWARD Creative Child Magazine

2010 Parents' Choice Silver Award Winner!

There is a state of timelessness where the only thing that matters is solving the Aba-Conundrum in front of you.

The joy of vibrant, wooden beads on a shining red abacus… the surprising, “of course!” when realization of the answer presents itself in gliding beads.... the satisfaction of documenting your success with erasable marker. It’s all so good.

Eyes, hands, and mind - all in flow to find the puzzle’s solution. Aba-Conundrums, modeled on use of the traditional Abacus, is a series of math puzzles that will excite, motivate, and intrigue both kids and adults.

Inherent in design of this mathematical manipulative - is practice with place value, logical thinking, computation, even investigations with fractions and prime numbers. Aba-Conundrums is one mathematics toy and tool that you won’t want to miss!

From simple to complex, the 120 Aba-Conundrums puzzle pages are arranged in increasing difficulty. Whether the Aba-Conundrums puzzles are solved solo, with a friend, or in a classroom situation, (reproducible materials included), these math puzzles will be visited and revisited until the mystery of each set of clues is solved.

Shuffle into Logic. Slide into Math. Calculate the Clues!

Aba-Conundrums Abacus & Mathematical Puzzles:

•Mathematical puzzles based on the abacus
•Fascinating, mind challenging activity
•Builds proficiency in logic & deductive reasoning
•Provides practice with place value, computation, fractions, prime numbers
•120 puzzling Aba-Conundrums ordered from easy to most difficult
•High quality wooden abacus with sliding wooden beads
•Brilliantly painted red, yellow, and blue components
•Highly durable write-on/ wipe-off puzzle book
•Reproducible information included for classroom use (Make copies of abacus template & laminate, provide seeds or buttons.)
•Solutions provided
•Fully safety tested


The easiest: Clue 1: the 10's place digit is a 6. Clue 2: the 1's and 10's places have the same number of beads. Clue 3: The 1's and 10's digits are not the same.

The most challenging: Clue 1: There are twice as many upper beads as lower beads. Clue 2: The number is less than 500,000. Clue 3: The first and last digits are the same.

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Great math challenge Aug 15, 2011 Anonymous   I like this product. It provides my child with a math challenge she does not get in school. She will pick it up and do 1 or 2 puzzles every so often and then... more...
Grandson likes as much as legos Aug 15, 2011 WILBUR BOOTH   Grandson enjoyed this as much, or more, than his Legos. He is 10 years old and in advanced placement classes. This fit the bill for his analytical skills and... more...
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