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Alpha Phonics

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Paradigm Co.
Samuel Blumenfeld
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Grades K - 4
168 pages



Anyone who already knows how to read can teach reading using Alpha-Phonics. It is easy to use and free of the professional jargon characteristic of so many reading instruction books.
Parents who wish to teach their childern to read at home will find Alpha-Phonics particularly useful, as it does not have a classroom format which would need to be adapted for home-school use.
Alpha-Phonics requires almost no teacher preparation. The 128 lessons are self-explanatory. However, a teacher's manual is provided offering practical suggestions for each lesson.

Alpha-Phonics is printed in large, clear calligraphy suitable for beginning readers. The lesson pages were carefully designed to eliminate distraction and to focus the pupil's full attention on the work at hand.
Alpha-Phonics contains a section of prereading alphabet exercises to aid in letter recognition before beginning the reading program.
Alpha-Phonics produces significant results when used as little as ten minutes a day.
Alpha-Phonics uses a phonogram approach. One vowel is presented at a time and reading skills are developed by studing all the possible word families of that vowel before moving to the next vowel.
Alpha-Phonics provides extensive word lists and practice sentences to reinforce basic skills. As the pupil becomes more advanced, library books may be used for supplemental reading practice. While no separate readers are necessary, we do offer a set of readers which are closely coordinated to the material in the book itself.
The word lists and practice sentences in Alpha-Phonics can be used for spelling and handwriting practice, so separate spelling or handwriting programs are unnecessary. Suggestions are given for introducing cursive handwriting.

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Alpha Phonics Jun 20, 2011 Susan Davis   I am familiar with Alpha Phonics and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I would strongly encourage those of you who use these programs to consider... more...
Alpha Phonics Jun 20, 2011 Mrs. KC   Dear Mr. Blumenfeld, I just had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with Alpha-Phonics. It is incredibly easy to use! It works marvelously! What a joy... more...
Alpha Phonics Jun 20, 2011 Mrs. CR   Dear Friends, I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate Alpha-Phonics. I bought it to use with my 6 year old last year. I had tried other... more...
Alpha Phonics Jun 20, 2011 Janice M.   Dear Mr. Blumenfeld, Thank you for Alpha-Phonics! We have a 14-year-old son who has Downs Syndrome. He began his formal "education" at age of three.... more...
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