Alphabet Island Phonics

A complete phonics program which includes, at no additional charge, Kindermath and the 'Comprehensive Handbook of Phonics'. Step-by-step instructions make each lesson easy to teach while games, songs, poems, stories, flashcards, cassettes and workbooks make learning fun.
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I saw you had a review for this, but I was so impressed with this program I had to share.....At last I have found a program that is EASY to teach and most importantly easy and fun for the child to remember and learn. The Teacher's manual walks you through each step. I like the fact that Alphabet Island is geared to every learning type. It comes with an excellent tape that my child enjoys listening to. (We actually carry it in our car to listen to). It has hands on games to play. The child will daily alphabetize the letters with ease. An auditory game is also played so the child must listen carefully and show the right letter. With other programs my child was so frustrated trying to remember what sound each letter said" or "stood for", with Alphabet Island, each letter has a visual cartoon figure that helps him remember the sound and the name. An example would be the vowel sounds /a/,/e/,/i/. I was having such a hard time relating the differences between the short sounds of these vowels. Alphabet Island has the characters, Active A, Everloving E, and Innocent I. The child then has a reference to go by. The visual character makes it easier to remember. Each letter is presented with a story which makes it fun and memorable. It is also presented where letters such as /ck/ are easy to read....Kangaroo K is Clever C's pet! Review is built in, also. After every three letters a review is placed, so you can tell if your child actually understands and remembers what is being taught. My son actually asks me to do his reading lessons each day. He daily want to do more than the scheduled lesson. This is such a blessing. Sorry for the long review...but I am really impressed with this product." J. Stroup

"I started my daughter on Alphabet Island at 3 1/2 because she was showing an interest in learning to read. The program has been fun for her and very easy for me to use. We have taken it at a slow pace but she has just turned 5 and can read! Each letter is brought to life with a unique name and human characteristics that teach specific phonics rules. This program has made learning to read more of a fun game for my child than an academic challenge." Christie Gerstenberg Bossier City, LA
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