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Animal Talk

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Table Talk
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Entire Family



Small talk, big fun! Each card in the deck of 52 presents a fascinating fact, then poses an intriguing question to start fun-filled conversations! Itís a light, fun and easy way to get the conversation rolling with anyone and everyone. A wonderful way to really get to know people - your family, your friends, your neighbors - better! Great for traveling - keep them in your car! Recommended in Practical Homeschooling.

Card example: Some animals have prehensile tails. A prehensile tail can wrap tightly around things. Spider monkeys swing through trees and grasp limbs with their tails. The pangolin, a scaly anteater that lives in trees, carries its baby on its tail. "If you had a tail, how would you use it? What would it look like? How would the tail change your clothing?"

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