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This excellent book is a compilation of Pastor Chuck's 'Answers' Pamphlets.
The Word for Today
Pastor Chuck Smith
Grade Level/Age:
High School - Adult



This excellent book is a compilation of Pastor Chuck's 'Answers' Pamphlets. It covers the major doctrines and issues with a VERY easy to read and understand style. It is doctrinally sound. Topics covered include What is a Carnal Christian?, The Rapture, The Healing Doctrine, God's Refining Process, The False Positive Confession and Shepherding Doctrines, Christian "possession",Where are You?, God's plan for the ages, Return to your First Love and much more. It gives SCRIPTURALLY SOUND reasoning for why the 'Health and Wealth' doctrines that we see so much of today, and some other popular 'fad' doctrines are NOT based upon God's Word. Learn what God's Word says about these subjects and why you believe what you believe. Be able to share the reason for the hope that lies within you. I LOVE this book. Each chapter takes just a few minutes to read and will help you to gain a greater understanding of the Bible.

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