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The Winston Grammar teacher's guide (included) literally takes you step-by-step, word-by-word, through each section, to the point of helping with exactly what to say. This is very helpful for parents who aren't sure how to teach grammar. The students use 'clue cards' so they always have 'help' at their fingertips and they almost always figure out the correct answers with these informative and user-friendly clue cards. I LOVE this program. The beauty of it is that if you've become rusty in your grammar skills, you can learn right along with your children. We used this program for years and we NEVER had a student who didn't 'get it'.

Also included is one student workbook and one set of grammar cards. If you're only teaching one student, this set is all you need. If you have more than one student, you'll need to order an additional student pack for each one.

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Winston Grammar Jun 20, 2011 Michele   I absolutely love this program. I used it for years in formal classrooms and for tutoring. Students consistently 'got it'. One of my students was a Korean... more...
Winston Grammar Jun 17, 2011 Danny Robinson   Winston Grammar teaches grammar thoroughly, simply, and effectively. Using a simple workbook and the "parts of speech cards", sentence structure and parts of... more...
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