Beautiful Girlhood/Beyond Beautiful Girlhood

Mentoring children is a lost art. Contrary to popular opinion...passing on what you think is important to your children doesn't just happen. As parents, we can either teach a bit here and a bit there and hope and pray that our children "turn" out or we can engage in the authentic discipleship of our children through purposeful and even premeditated parenting. Don't hesitate to recapture the lost art of! If you're hesitant because you haven't learned the skills taught in these books, take heart -- the books are designed so that you and your daughter can learn together!
I have just finished reading Beautiful Girlhood. This book is listed for ages 11-17 but I recommend this book for women also. It brought to my attention the true beauty of being a female. Something that is not recognized as a gift very often, if at all. I wish I had read this book as a young girl. I will read this book again and again. It is a must for a girl's library. Beautiful Girlhood should be on your Favorites list. In Him, Heather Spangler
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