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Best Friends for Life

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SKU #: 4C-01618
Discusses the importance and benefits of emotional purity as well as physical purity before marriage.
ISBN 10:
Mike & Judy Phillips
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 12 - Adult
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Best Friends for Life develops revolutionary ideas about parental involvement, about dating as it is usually understood, and about the pressures young people face to make lifetime decisions prematurely. Families who want to choose Godís best will find here a strong prescription for wise, sensible, and lasting Christian marriages.

This unique approach to dating, courtship, and marriage offers young people an alternative in finding lifetime mates. This well written text uses true stories to demonstrate what boy-girl and child-parent relationships can be. This book has been compared to Joshua Harris's 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' and James Dobson's 'Preparing for Adolescence'. Highly recommended for teens AND parents.

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