Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity

Originally developed by the Creation Research Society, this classic text is now available in an updated and full-color edition. This hardbound text contains helpful questions and a thorough presentation of biology concepts. Excellent graphs and illustrations complement the text material that is scientifically accurate and true to six-day/young earth creationism.
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"I wanted to add a few words about the Christian Liberty Press materials that you offer: I have been absolutely THRILLED with all of the materials I have purchased from Christian Liberty Press. Their books are wonderful, wholesome books from a Christian perspective. It is so nice to place a book in your children’s hands and not have to question the content! We use the Bible, History and Science book(s). I had a few of the history books and HAD to order the rest of the elementary grade ones. I just love them! The Bible curriculum is the BEST I and my friends have come across for the price. They are all simple to use, easy to teach with and the price is right! Christian Liberty has been one of my greatest finds!" Stacey LeDoux
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