BJU Science Teacher's Edition 3rd Edition Grade 4

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Bob Jones Press
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Grade 4



The Science 4 Teacherís Edition contains 116 lessons grouped in five units. Each unit consists of two or three interrelated chapters. Most lessons include additional background information, cross-curricular links, and scientific activities. Information for the teacher includes suggestions for teaching the material as a three-quarter year program or as a half-year program. The Teacherís Edition also includes useful information about science process skills, the management of activities, and grading. Reproducible pages, a materials list, rubrics for assessing Activity and Explorations lessons, and the Science 4 alignment with national standards are located in the back of the Teacherís Edition. The Teacherís Toolkit CD is located inside the back cover of the Teacherís Edition. It includes quizzes, quiz answers, rubrics, a copy of each of the Teacherís Edition reproducible pages in black and white and color, and useful information about science fairs, all in a printer-friendly format.

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