Carolina's Courage - BJU Novel

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Carolina realizes that being a pioneer means giving up many things that you like—even things that you love. Does she have the courage to give up her most prized possession to form a new friendship?
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Bob Jones Press JourneyForth Novels
Elizabeth Yates
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Ages 6 - 9
144 pages, 8.5 X 5.25 inches



Carolina's Courage by award-winning author Elizabeth Yates is historical fiction set in America in the 1850s. Carolina Putnam's family is moving by covered wagon from the rocky soil of New Hampshire to the wide-open land of Nebraska. Although space in the wagon is very limited, Carolina is permitted to take her beloved china doll, Lydia-Lou. When the trail becomes dangerous, Carolina's treasure becomes the key to her family's safety. This is a story of faith, courage, and the pioneer spirit.

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