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 Our 2012 catalog online!
We're now working on 2013.

You can have our complete printed catalog with an index right now! The index will be very useful for finding products in our online catalog too! Click on the adobe PDF icon above and you can download our entire printed catalog and print it out! (Depending on the speed of your connection this may take up to five minutes.) This can be very helpful when you're not sure which section a particular book is in. Be sure to check the website description once you determine where the book is. The descriptions on the website are much more complete. Thank you!


If you do not already have the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you need to download it before you can view or print our printed catalog in the PDF Format. View our 2012 catalog  here.



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Our online catalog is much more than a listing of materials available - it is a commentary on our products, written by home educators for home educators!



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