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God is the Lord of history. Students should be equipped to study the vain attempts of apostate men to build the kingdom of man. But above all, they should learn that history has one center and purpose. Consequently its interpretation must be understood in terms of Christ. It is more than a chronicle of names, dates, places, and events. Its meaning is found in the redemptive work of Christ and how He is building His church. This is why church history and missions are an integral part of studying history. This history program concentrates on the unfolding of history with special emphasis on the shaping of Europe and America. It seeks to trace the hand of God's providence in history as He used the efforts of Christians as they applied God's Word to their nations and cultures. I recommend the Christian Liberty Press History and Geography titles very highly!
"I wanted to add a few words about the Christian Liberty Press materials that you offer: I have been absolutely THRILLED with all of the materials I have purchased from Christian Liberty Press. Their books are wonderful, wholesome books from a Christian perspective. It is so nice to place a book in your children’s hands and not have to question the content! We use the Bible, History and Science book(s). I had a few of the history books and HAD to order the rest of the elementary grade ones. I just love them! The Bible curriculum is the BEST I and my friends have come across for the price. They are all simple to use, easy to teach with and the price is right! Christian Liberty has been one of my greatest finds!" Stacey LeDoux
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