Christian Manhood

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Explains the growth and development from boy to man from a thoroughly Biblical perspective.
An excellent and thoroughly accurate text from which young men can secure accurate knowledge on sexual issues.
Eastern Mennonite Publications
Merle W Eshleman MD
Grade Level/Age:
Preteen through College



Christian young men need a source from which they can secure accurate knowledge on sexual issues. Every normal young man faces the issue of sex. God ordained sex, and He created male and female for definite purposes. The authors of this book have been asked to write for young men in the teen age. “Both of us vividly recall problems of our own youth and know from experience what association with the wrong type of young men can mean. Then also we both benefited by association with teachers and students in a Christian institution. In our medical education and later in practice we have come face to face with many of the problems which young people meet. In this book we are keeping such problems clearly before us, and in a frank, wholesome way we wish to discuss them with the reader. We want this book to be a help to the young man who is seeking advice and who wants to live a life pleasing to God.”

I asked my twenty-seven year old son to review parts of this book and give me his opinion. He said this would be a very helpful book for young boys because it explains growth and development of men medically in a very easy to understand manner. When young boys begin to experience the changes that result in manhood, they will be prepared to deal with them correctly and they will understand what is happening. Moral issues are addressed well from a thoroughly biblical perspective. He stated that single moms of boys would really benefit from this book as well, in order to help and understand their sons.

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