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Common Sense Business for Kids

SKU #: 5C-01849
What does it take to be successful in business?
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Bluestocking Press
Donald and Mary Baker
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 10 and up
64 pages



What does it take to be successful in business? Anthony Maybury used to think that in order to be successful in business one must know how to put complex theories into practice. He thought that success required knowledge of advanced mathematics, inventory management equations, and whiz-bang marketing techniques. But, he made some interesting discoveries. He came to realize that the greatest contributor to his business success was found in life experiences, not textbooks. Mr. Maybury said his business strategy was just "plain old common sense." But, through years observing others in the business world, he realized that his common sense business strategy was not so common after all. In Common Sense Business for Kids, Anthony Maybury shares these discoveries with readers.

Using practical judgment derived from experience rather than study, and providing real-world examples, Anthony Maybury explains common sense realities behind basic business principles, including: fixed and variable costs, market potential, research, price strategies, inventory management, salesmanship, and management techniques. He discusses characteristics needed to be a successful entrepreneur, manager, or employee.

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