Critical Conditioning

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Using literature rather than a textbook-based reading program
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Kathryn Stout
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Grades 1 - 12



Now you can see all of the K-12 components of reading comprehension, along with definitions, explanations, and activity ideas. Teaching suggestions include ways to incorporate analysis and thinking skills while covering comprehension objectives. Topics include elements and types of literature, reference skills, SQRRR study skills, propaganda techniques, discussion questions, and more. This is an area too easily forgotten when library books are used as the reading program. For anyone using readers, this helps eliminate the busy work.

"When parents choose to use good literature rather than a textbook-based reading series as the foundation of their reading program, they sometimes neglect some of the reading comprehension skills. This guide covers all the comprehension skills that are usually taught from kindergarten through eighth grade. But remember that this is a teacher resource rather than a textbook.

A key goal throughout the guide is to develop an active rather than passive approach to reading. It tells you how to develop thinking skills in your children then how to encourage them to apply those skills in reading and research activities. Explanations are given for the purposes of various activities, then parents are given questions to ask and ideas to use with their children.

Vocabulary development, study skills, note taking, and some writing activities are included. Skill lists and a checklist at the back of the book are handy tools to help us plan and evaluate progress in these areas.

While it is primarily written for grades 1-8, it is also useful for those teaching high schoolers." -Cathy Duffy

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