Critical Thinking Skills

(Reproducible) A course in formal and informal logic that is lots of fun but will challenge students and parents. Students who use this series show marked gains on standardized testing. Teacher’s Manual is necessary. One of Cathy Duffy’s "Top Picks".
Homeschoolers' Comments

Your logic series, Critical Thinking Books 1 and 2, is a classic! A former high school student of mine is now a lawyer...She told merecently that it was our discussions of the Critical Thinking series that got her started on logic and first interested in studying law. --Janice, Rochester, MN "I've been using...Critical Thinking....I like it because the kids like it. They like to argue, debate, and make their points known to each other. I enjoy the enthusiastic way they learn to use evidence to support their arguments logically rather than jumping to conclusions--even about stories they assume they know....This book not only teaches logic but is a rich source of topics to discuss." --Dean, Lima, OH
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