Daily Lesson Plans for Exploring Creation with Astronomy K - 6

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These excellent daily lesson plans break down the Apologia Science modules and give detailed instructions on what to do each day.
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Schola Press
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Grades K - 6
8 1/2 X 11 inches



These Daily Lesson Plans are perfect for customizing and organizing your school year and give helpful instruction on each lesson.

From the author, home schooling mom Lynn Ericson of Schola Press.
"These daily instructions were written to aid my own children as we used the Apologia courses. During our first year, we werenít sure how much to read daily to complete the book by yearís end. You canít simply divide the number of pages by days due to labs, study guides, tests, etc. We also had too many days of labs with no supplies on hand. These lesson plans will direct your student as to exactly what needs to be done each day and will list needed lab supplies in advance. Using this guide, it takes 105-170 days to complete a text, depending upon the level and course."

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