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Dorie: The Little Girl Nobody Loved

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The heart-wrenching true story of an abused child who grew up to be a woman of God.
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Moody Press
Doris Van Stone
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Grade 6 - Adult
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The heart-wrenching true story of an unwanted, abused child - Doris Van Stone - who gave her life to Jesus at an the age of thirteen and is being used by God today at Precept ministries. A moving reminder that God's love, forgiveness and grace are greater than human hurt and sorrow. This is an excellent book on the subject of child abuse. Highly recommended. No sexual abuse mentioned.

For the whole story be sure to read No Place to Cry: The Hurt and Healing of Sexual Abuse.

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Dorie: The Girl Nobody Loved Jun 21, 2011 Lisa L   Hi....My name is Lisa L, and I have been BLESSED to hear Mrs. Van Stone speak twice! She is an extraordinatry woman! Her book, Dorie: The Little Girl Nobody... more...
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