These unique books make editing for content, grammar, punctuation, and usage fun and exciting. Students learn to recognize errors in context and to see how the different rules of grammar, spelling, usage, and mechanics are applied. Each book includes a meticulous answer key, an editing checklist, and a guide to grammar, usage and punctuation. Suggested grade ranges are given, but these books may easily be adapted to many abilities and ages.
"Great for really 'cementing' what was previously only theoretical knowledge of spelling, grammar, and usage. The written material your student will be editing is itself educational, and the program is easy to use." --Mary Pride, The Big Book of Home Learning

"An excellent resource for teaching students how to apply grammar skills in context. My son's language arts scores soared on standardized tests after doing this series. Editor in Chief is an all-inclusive program."--Susan Wold, American Homeschool Publishing

"I haven't seen anything that handles grammar any better than Editor in Chief. Our 3rd and 4th graders had very low scores in grammar on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Along with [our] curriculum, we added Editor in Chief. In a single year, the scores went way up. I believe those scores went up due to Editor in Chief more than my teaching...or any other factor. It was Editor in Chief that made the difference."--Brenda, Zebulon, GA
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