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Exploring the World Around You

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A Christian perspective on the world’s ecosystems
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Master Books
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Ages 10 - 14
8.5 x 11 inches



Celebrate the beauty of our environment. If you have been looking for a Christian perspective on the world’s ecosystems, population growth, energy problems, habitats, interrelationships of Earth’s inhabitants, the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ and much more - without secular bias - here it is. Your children will become familiar with the seven different terrestrial biomes - desert, grassland, deciduous forest, tropical rain forest, coniferous forest or taiga, tundra and chaparral - without secular misinformation. From the mountain heights where the air is thin and breathing is difficult to the heated deserts where temperatures can soar to well over 120 degrees; from the sultry, wet rain forests where sunlight never brightens the underneath to the dry, arctic tundra with its fragile ecosystem; from the deciduous forests rich with wildlife to arid grasslands where animals roam in herds . . . Come explore the world! Loaded with fascinating information and illustrations, the author’s love for God’s creation informs the book as he reminds Christians to be good stewards of the earth. This captivating book makes a wonderful science unit to enrich any curriculum. Every chapter ends with study questions. The answers in the back of the book can be easily removed.

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