Facts on Halloween: What Christians Should Know

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Evaluate Halloween’s history and impact.
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Harvest House
Ankerberg, Weldon, Burroughs
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This 60 page 'Facts on' book delivers up-to-date information, well-researched arguments, and a conservative, Christian perspective on an issue that impacts Christians. Trick or treat? Every Halloween children set out to gather as many goodies as they possibly can, acting out practices they know little about. Whether through trick-or-treating in the neighborhood or dressing up in scary costumes for school, Halloween teaches kids about witches, ghosts, and the occult. In this book you will learn the answers to the following questions and much more:

Is this autumn ritual truly innocent, or does it also have a darker side?
When and where did Halloween originate?
What customs come from pagan beliefs?
Is Halloween different today from a generation ago?
Are ghosts, poltergeists, and witches myths?
What should Christians know if they choose to participate in this event?

This book will help you evaluate Halloween’s history and impact and guide you in determining your approach to this seasonal celebration.

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