First Language Lessons

First Language Lessons is a simple-to-use, scripted guide to grammar and composition that makes successful teaching simple for parents and assists them in assuring their child's success in language arts. The lessons are short but effective; each one taking only 5-15 minutes. The books teach grammar concepts in a gentle, yet thorough, way. In just minutes a day, your child will learn eight parts of speech, the basic rules of capitalization and punctuation, the four types of sentences, and beginning storytelling and narration skills.

Jessie Wise, coauthor of The Well-Trained Mind, wrote this language program that supports classical education. She actually combines Charlotte Mason's ideas with classical education elements. While it shares many elements found in English for the Thoughtful Child, it has much more content and a stronger emphasis on recitation, repetition, and memorization. The lessons follow a developmental sequence, easing your child from simple copywork to more advanced concepts. Sara Buffington, the coauthor, is a writer and children's book editor with teaching experience of her own. She is the co-author of The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.

First Language Lessons uses picture study, and other classical techniques including memorization, copywork, dictation, and narration to develop your child's language ability in those first formative, all-important years of study. It is a very complete beginning grammar and writing text.

Parent/child scripts provide a flexible framework for each lesson, both saving time and lending confidence to the parent. Many parents really appreciate the detailed lesson presentation with the script that tells them exactly what to say and do. This is especially helpful for new, less experienced home teachers. The scripted exercises also train a child's ear so that s/he uses correct grammar. Original, up-to-date, clear, illustrations make the picture study both engaging and effective.

Much of this description paraphrased from Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum
We purchased this book when our son was beginning 2nd second grade. We worked through the first grade material quickly, and also finished the 2nd grade material during that school year. He loved the oral aspect of the program: the repetition, sing-songy chants, and working one on one with me. The copywork/dictation lessons were just right - not too often or too much for his developing handwriting skills (there are also several choices so you can choose one that fits your child's development). I even took his (then) 4th grade sister through the lessons that taught the chants for state of being/helping verbs & prepositions. They are now in 5th & 7th, and both still remember those long lists! The time commitment is pretty small, very little planning, and if you think the repetition of the definitions, word lists or poems will drive you crazy, there is a CD also available. SJ
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Instructor Book - First Language Lessons - Levels 1 and 2
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Instructor Book - First Language Lessons - Level 1
$12.25 $9.45
Instructor Book - First Language Lessons - Level 2
$12.25 $11.95
Instructor Book - First Language Lessons - Level 3
$19.50 $19.45
Student Book - First Language Lessons - Level 3
$12.25 $12.45
Instructor Book - First Language Lessons - Level 4
$19.50 $19.45
Student Book - First Language Lessons - Level 4
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