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The story of black churches in America is one of faith and heroism.
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Bob Jones Press JourneyForth Novels
Mark Sidwell
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Ages 11 - Adult
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The story of black churches in America is one of faith and heroism. Added to the challenges that normally confront heralds of the gospel, African American Christians faced special problems because of their race--problems such as slavery and discrimination. Yet out of a deep love for Christ and a heavy burden not only for their own people but also for all who were without Christ, these believers steadfastly proclaimed the gospel of salvation through Christ and the equality of all men and women in the sight of God. The Christians described in these pages -- Richard Allen, Lemuel Haynes, John Jasper, Matthew Anderson and others -- were true heroes of the faith. Because they were freed by Jesus Christ, they were "free indeed," and they proclaimed that message of liberty to others.

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