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Galloping the Globe

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This highly successful, non-consumable text is an 'all-you-need-to-know' curriculum for teaching students from kindergarten through high school. Entertainingly written and thoughtfully laid out. Excellent for those who like complete and ready to use lesson plans as well as those who enjoy developing their own curriculum . Includes lesson plans to teach geography at two levels, I.e. middle/upper elementary and high school, 340 reproducible timeline figures, 19 reproducible outline maps, complete instructions for using the outline maps, flashcards, over 150 reproducible activity pages, scope & sequence chart, hands-on activities, games, historical map information and helps to teach geography through literature, history, science, math, and the internet.
ISBN 13:
Geography Matters
Loree Pettit
Grade Level/Age:
Grades K - 4
266 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches



This excellent unit study introduces children to the seven continents with a detailed look at many of the countries within each continent. Centered around the study of geography and incorporating projects, activities, references, ideas, and internet resources, the students will learn about various historical figures, missionaries, people/history, Christmas around the world, science, literature, maps, cooking, music, art, animals of the world, games, puzzles, crafts, and more. It is designed to be completed in one to three school years - depending on how long and how in depth you delve into each topic. This book may be adapted for older students also.

Answers are included and the worksheets are reproducible. The recommended resources are used many times throughout the course.

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