Going to the Doctor Kid Kit

Going to the Doctor Kid Kit

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Prepares young children for what happens when they visit the doctor - or become a doctor!
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 4 and up
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This delightful set typifies a doctor visit and shows very young children what happens when they visit the doctor. Jenny and Jack are treated for a sore throat and a bruised arm, and Joey gets an injection. The charming illustrations are full of amusing details for adults and children to talk about, and slightly older children can read the simple text alone. The medical kit, included, comes with many of the instruments doctors employ during routine medical examinations. These include a stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, mouth mirror, otoscope, syringe, glasses and prescription pad.This fantastic kit is just what I would have wanted when I was young! Since my mother was a nurse, however, I had the real thing! My dolls used to get real IV's! Kids really like this one!

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