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The Grammar Songs Kit teaches all the parts of speech (except conjunctions) and rules of punctuation and 72 Greek and Latin roots for building vocabulary. It is appropriate for grades 3 - 8 or for anyone who needs help with grammar (secretaries, ESL students, etc.).

It includes a 72-page workbook with song lyrics, illustrations, drills and writing exercises; a Teacher's Guide and a long-playing sound track with 16 songs.

The 16 songs cover: verbs, nouns, sentences, pronouns, compound personal pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, apostrophes, prepositions, direct objects, capitalization, plurals, irregular verbs, commas, quotation marks and Greek & Latin prefixes and suffixes.
"The Audio Memory products (by Kathy Troxel) are a must for every teacher or parent!! As a teacher, I have been using them several times daily for the last 8 years. The elementary students and their parents and I love them and they have learned so much!! I also teach graduate courses for teachers and they all want them for their classes. Now to add to their fabulous collection, the Troxels present a fantastic new program for learning U.S. History". - Allison Carpenter, Teacher of the Year, Teacher of Teachers at U.C.S.D.

"Your audio CD's are wonderful. My girls love them! My 9-year-old already sings the songs for the countries. She's only listened for about an hour. My 7-year-old loves the subtraction and addition. They are taking them with them to Michigan to listen to when they travel cross country." - Sana, Hawaii
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