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Grandpa's Box

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SKU #: 4C-01637
Grandpa skillfully weaves military terminology with solid theology
ISBN 13:
P & R Publishing
Starr Meade
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 9 - 12
240 pages



This excellent devotional style book may be read as a family or independently. Grandpa spends his retirement reclaiming treasures from people's trash. His 2 grandchildren, Marc and Amy, are his constant after-school companions. Marc, a military buff, is fascinated with war stories and the men who play a part in them. Grandpa capitalizes on that passion and introduces the children to the concept of spiritual warfare as it is played out in Scripture. Initially Marc and Amy were unenthusiastic about hearing again the same Bible stories that they grew up with. But as Grandpa skillfully weaves military terminology with solid theology, the stories take on fresh meanings and insights. From Genesis to Revelation, Grandpa carefully shows how each story fits as an episode in the story of God's redemption of His people. This is a marvelous read-aloud book, sure to impact your family and generate lots of discussion. 240 pages.

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