Heart and Mind

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What the Bible Says about Learning.
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Dr. Ruth Beechick
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This is the ultimate book on heart. First, it explores the Bible use of the word heart more completely than any other source. Second, it describes recent psychological research that shows, amazingly, that thinking occurs in the heart, too, and not only in the brain!

The Bible uses the word heart almost one thousand times, and this book lays out the research on every one of those uses. Twenty-five percent of the uses are cognitive, referring to thoughts, wisdom, considering, perceiving, meditating, and others. Not one of these is a figure of speech. All are literal teachings about the heart. Following after cognitive functions are the moral, emotional, spiritual, and motivational functions of the heart . Last of all are the physical functions, with less than two percent of the references.

Current learning theories fall short because they do not recognize heart and the Bible principle that man is made in the image of God. This book shows the shortcomings of these theories and compares them with Bible teachings about how we learn. It explains the levels from fact learning on up to creative thinking.

The content is clear and in plain English, not heavy education jargon. Teachers and education students need this information, as well as anybody else who is interested in how our children learn.

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Heart and Mind Jun 20, 2011 Professional...   While it is primarily written for grades 1-8, it is also useful for those teaching high schoolers. I have always tried to ensure that everything I teach,... more...

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