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Steve Green is constantly looking for ways to encourage and strengthen children in the Lord Jesus. There are some things that kids are capable of choosing for themselves, but the more foundational choices that result in godly character must be made for them. These include providing them with resources that will nurture their faith in God. Nothing surpasses the treasure of hiding God's Word in their hearts. Steve Green provides a delightful way for children to memorize individual verses.
Homeschoolers' Comments

I like that the song lyrics are the scriptures only, thus an excellent way to teach young children God's word. My teenager still remembers all these scriptures she learned to music as a preschooler. Becky

"Hide 'Em in Your Heart is wonderful. The music is fun and catchy, and kids can't help but learn scripture. My 3 year old can quote almost all of the scripture on this CD and he is always singing these songs." Sam
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$13.99 $11.99
$13.99 $11.99
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