History Helps:  A Parent-Teacher Guide

History Helps: A Parent-Teacher Guide

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A scope and sequence outline for teaching history using "real" books
Small Ventures
Bonnie Dittmer
Grade Level/Age:
Grades K - 12



A resource for ideas in teaching history as well as a time-saver, providing information that might otherwise mean a trip to the library. This guide may be used independently as a scope and sequence outline for teaching history using "real" books and hands-on activities. Included is a suggested outline for the study of any civilization. A series of helpful "sketches" of civilizations throughout history gives a good overview of the rise and fall of peoples and cultures through the ages. A unique section on Biblical history helps you incorporate Biblical history by placing Biblical books and people in their "proper" chronological settings. Also included are maps, some informational, some blank to be filled in by students.

"A wonderful resource for recording all of the history time periods that you and your children have studied. My children enjoy writing stories and drawing pictures about the times we have studied and with this binder you are able to add pages wherever necessary. It is also a great way tool to use for review." CB

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