How to Make Big Money Mowing Small Lawns

How to Make Big Money Mowing Small Lawns

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Noble Publishing
Robert Welcome
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Ages 12 - 17



Don't raise a sluggard! But, don't raise a workaholic either! Christian young people need to learn how to work hard and smart - making the most they can out of every hour of work they do. In "How to Make Big Money Mowing Small Lawns, Bob Welcome teaches the trade secrets of professional lawn care that make the difference between making $3 an hour and $30 and hour. Better yet, he helps the young entrepreneur understand the importance of customer service, choosing the best paying clients and basically, how to build a business - not just get a job. Once your teens understand these principles, they can apply them in any and every career for the rest of their lives - whether they ever mow lawns or not.

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