How to Study Your Bible for Kids, Teens and Adults

Years ago people would read their Bibles and never mark in them. Later came Bibles that encouraged people to write notes to themselves in the margins. Later still came study Bibles that provided space and notes to the text so people could really learn and apply the Word of God into their lives. . .Kay Arthur has now defined a way to study the Bible that is easy to learn and takes a lifetime to perfect.

"The book is well written with many charts, maps, examples, and directions. The appendices are many and detailed. The topics covered in the appendices are a summary of the inductive process, worksheet examples, extensive ‘how to’s’ regarding the usage of dictionaries and concordances, as well as recommendation pages for further studies and help for verb tenses, moods, and voice. This would be a useful book for the person desiring to develop a life long habit of studying the Bible." Christian Library Journal

"If you want to know God’s word, here is a book that will show the way! Kay Arthur introduces the inductive method of Bible study in a concise, easy to learn way that will benefit you and your family for years to come!" The Homeschool Magazine
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