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I Can Count (Animals) Coloring Book

SKU #: FR4-03220op
Learn to count with all kinds of animals
Dover Publications
Grade Level/Age:
Preschool - Kindergarten
8.5 x 11 inches
Covers may vary



One dinosaur letting out a roar, four pigs dancing jigs, seven bears without any cares, frogs, fish, puppies, ducks, birds, and many more will help your young child learn about numbers and counting to ten. Near the end simple addition is taught. Page 29 caption states, "A big sunflower is what feeds, these four hungry birds with its seeds." On the facing page the children color the page while you read, "Three more birdies fly down from heaven, soon the sunflower will feed seven!"

This coloring book is similar to the Beginner's Activity Books. It is on a higher quality paper, so it costs more.

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