Ideas for a Windy Day/Ideas with Water

The simple projects in these books have been designed to encourage children to explore the world around them. Using only scrap materials, these activites will not only educate children but lead them to a greater appreciation of the wonders of God's creation.
Homeschoolers' Comments

"We loved the Windy Day book. The activities are great and inexpensive. You have everything you need lying around the house. Making a parachute, a sailboat, a kite, wind chimes, and measuring the wind are just a few of the activities that we enjoyed together as a family. The Ideas with Water book also has some wonderful activities, such as making a bird bath, planting a window-sill garden,and making a water turbine, just to name a few. Planting an egg-head was my child's favorite. Both books include great "did you know" sections which brought the teaching time to life. Great books for a great price." DT
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$5.95 $2.98
$5.95 $2.98
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