In Grandma's Attic Series

No one can tell a tale quite like Grandma. With her natural gift of storytelling, she recounts story after story from her childhood and life around the turn of the century. With the feeling of a simpler time, Grandma's sagas will captivate your children. These childhood tales are filled with fun and laughter.

"Tell me a story Grandma." These words unlock marvelous tales of days gone by . . . days of horse-drawn buggies and fancy carriages, hoopskirts and high-buttoned shoes . . . days remembered only by Grandmother, that natural storyteller of all loving families who knew a simpler, perhaps richer, time more than 100 years ago.

Come with us now into Grandma's attic, that storehouse of many forgotten treasures—each piece reminding Grandma of a story from her childhood. . . .
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