Junior Set of Latin Powerglide CD's

Junior Set of Latin Powerglide CD's

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When my 13-year-old daughter wanted to learn Russian (to converse with hockey players, since she wants to be an NHL goalie!), I was not pleased. I am bilingual (Spanish/English), but can't speak Russian. I had heard about the Powerglide system, but wasn't convinced it was worth the money. Instead, I spent money on Russian software and books from another source, but she didn't really learn much. Then we tried Powerglide, and within twenty minutes (two ten minute sessions) we knew about eight words. That may not sound like much, but Russian is not easy! Powerglide relies on mnemonic devices which help you remember words and phrases by connecting them with familiar English phrases.It creates a story in which you are actively involved. I am very impressed by the content of the material. We listen to it in the car while driving, and even my three-year-old is speaking some Russian!VS - Nevada

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