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Leading Little Ones To God

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SKU #: 4C-01627
Classic Bible storybook with short devotions
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Eerdmans Publishing
Marian M Schoolland
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 4 - 10
184 pages
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This classic book of Bible teachings will help children not only to praise God and love Him, but also to know him better personally. This well-organized collection of stories covers major Bible doctrines in the simple, straightforward language that children love. We used it with our children and they loved it. Ideal for nurturing in young Christians a personal relationship with God. Each story is followed by a memory verse, "Something to Talk About", suggested Scripture reading, hymn, and a prayer. This is the best Bible teaching book I have found in one volume.

Product Reviews

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Leading Little Ones to God Jun 21, 2011 April Walker   I love the book 'Leading Little Ones To God'. It has made teaching the Bible very easy for my children to understand. Mom has also learned a lot from this book! more...
Leading Little Ones To God Jun 20, 2011 Krista OR   Leading Little Ones to God was a joy for our family. There are 86 short lessons that are packed with biblical truths that are easily digested by little ones.... more...
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