Learning Language Arts Through Literature

Recommended by Ruth Beechick, Learning Language Arts Through Literature is a complete language arts program for first grade through high school. Using an integrated approach to learning, students learn the skills appropriate for each grade level in the context of real literature. When using Learning Language Arts Through Literature, students learn skills in the context of whole literature. This creates a deeper understanding and generates greater interest in grammar, writing mechanics, vocabulary, spelling, and other language skills. NOTE! In third grade and above students will do book studies. These books are listed in order of use, below their individual level.

"As a homeschool Mom, this series has been my favorite. I have investigated other programs, always to return to Learning Language Arts through Literature (LLATL). I have used each manual beginning with the Blue Book (approx. 1st grade) through the Tan Book (6th grade). The LLATL series is teacher friendly and simple to implement, just open the manual and begin where you left off the last time. When asked my opinion by other homeschoolers, I like to tell them LLA is "gentle learning." At times the lessons seem so simple and stress free, yet the students are learning! What more could a busy Mom ask for?" Susan Moore

"About Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange Book I'm new to homeschooling, but, after looking around, I ordered this book for my 3rd grader. Actually, she's second-grade age, but reads on a much higher level. The orange book (for 4th grade) is WONDERFUL!!! We are reading books together (her to me or me to her) and then she answers questions and copies passages from the book. There are questions relating to the meaning of passages, grammar, spelling and more. And, she enjoys the work ... she's an avid reader. This is a wonderful Language Arts programs for book lovers!" - GL

" I love the curriculum that I have purchased from your company. The Learning Language Arts Through Literature is wonderful! It is easy to use and it is a complete language arts program in one book. Thank you!" - PB
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