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Let us Highly Resolve

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Our children are continually assaulted by today's secular worldview-ever increasing your responsibility to teach Christian values. Praised by Josh McDowell, this gem draws extensively from Scripture, motivating you to build your family on a biblical foundation and teach your kids to discern truth in a post-Christian culture.
David and Shirley Quine



Forward by Michael Farris. The Quinn’s twenty-one years of experience raising and educating nine children are condensed in this immensely practical, real, and profound handbook for Christian parents of today! This is a must book for every family desiring to raise their children to challenge their culture with the truth of Christianity. Equip your children with a Christian world view in order to counter the current thoughts and ideas of secular humanism. Teach your children to reason and discern truth in a post-Christian culture. Lead your family into the 21st century by taking the course that the Quinns have so carefully charted through a life of faith. This book comes highly recommended by Cathy Duffy, Diana Waring, Dale Simpson and many more.

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