Literature Study Guide: Keys to the Past: Unlocked!

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Adds even more educational value to this adventure novel.
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This science-based novel comes to life with this easy-to-use literature study guide. Help the budding writers in your home study literary techniques in an unthreatening way. Check for reading and vocabulary comprehension and then study the additional science topics explored in the novel. Easy to use and fun to study!

Leave it to a homeschooling mother to take an entertaining novel and make it into school again! This mother-daughter writing team is a perfect combination. Christina (the daughter) creates the action-adventure, part of the novel that presents truth in a captivating story. Felice (the mother) includes the Creation information, and then writes a book to help your children dig the nuggets out!
Betty Smith, Eagles Wings
Co-Author Considering Godís Creation

Exciting page-turning mysteries that also teach your children the truth of Godís Creation, what more could a parent want? Well now Felice has written these Literature Study Guides to help direct and focus your studentís learning while they read, adding a unique dimension to your literature and science program. If you have a reluctant reader like I did, these wonderfully entertaining books and accompanying study guides will spark your childís interest not only in reading, but in Creation Science as well. My boys love them.
Jill Whitlock, Geologist, Creation Scientist
Co-author, Creation Science Study Guides

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