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Little House - The Prairie Primer

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A comprehensive homeschool unit study covering history, science, health, nutrition, literature, writing, art, geography, Bible, character building, crafts and more.
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Cadron Creek Christian Curr
Margie Gray
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Ages 8 - 12
283 pages - 8.5 x 11 inches



Based on the Little House series this unit study guide provides a yearís study covering U.S. geography, science, U.S. history of the 1800ís, language, health, nutrition, art, music, crafts, and more. There are so many activities to choose from that you will be able to customize to your child's interests. In addition to the Little House books the Bible will be the main textbook. A strong point of this program is the emphasis that is placed on studying the Word of God. Excellent.

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Little House - The Prairie Primer Jun 20, 2011 Name withheld Escondido CA   I was hesitant to purchase a Unit study, however I have become enlightened! I purchased the Prairie Primer and the 9 Little House books for our 7yr old... more...
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