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Little Pillows and Morning Bells

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SKU #: 4C-01643
A keepsake book filled with beautiful promises for young children.
ISBN 13:
Solid Ground Christian Books
Frances Havergal
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 3 to 7
103 pages



Little Pillows. . .at night, our hearts wanted a pillow too, something to rest upon, some true, sweet word that we might go to sleep upon happily and peacefully. And that it was a good plan always to take a little text for our pillow every night....

These short Scripture thoughts by the beloved hymn writer are meant to be read to children, one for each night, to plant precious thoughts of the Lord's care and nearness as they pillow their heads and hearts for rest. Thirty-one lessons in all. A book of treasures for a child's heart.

Morning BellsMost of the readers of this little book will have already read Little Pillows. Those were given you to go to sleep upon night after night; sweet, soothing texts, that little hearts might rest upon. But in the morning we want something to arouse us, and to help us to go brightly and bravely through the day. So here are Morning Bells" to waken up the little hearts, and to remind them that we must not only rest in Jesus, but walk in Him. If the motto of "Little Pillows" might be "Come to Jesus," the motto of "Morning Bells" might be "Follow Jesus." May He who loves the little ones bless this tiny effort to help them to follow Him day by day."

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