Manners Made Easy/Manners Made Easy for Teens/You Can Raise A Well-Mannered Child

Homeschooler's Comments - "My four sons and I are thoroughly enjoying learning the history of and the reason for many different American traditions and customs - for example, why we shake hands when we meet someone. This book is excellent! Each chapter includes an optional Bible Study (in case a teacher is unable to teach Biblical principles in a given setting). By first learning WHY we need manners, and then learning HOW certain rules came about my children are gaining a deep understanding of basic courtesies and are better able to hide these concepts in their hearts to be used as needed. Each chapter includes a lesson, activity, Bible study, and a quiz. The book has a teacher section and a separate student section. You will get your money's worth by purchasing this book! It makes fun together-time with invaluable rewards!" Cindy - GA
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$12.99 $9.99
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