Maximum Math

Maximum Math

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This book teaches mathematical reasoning
Kathryn Stout
Grade Level/Age:
Grades K - 8
240 pages



Students may memorize information long enough to pass a test, but they won't retain it unless it's understood. That's why this book teaches mathematical reasoning. This teacher's overview outlines age appropriate objectives, offers specific direction for lessons, and helps you select manipulatives and related materials you'll need to teach the curriculum. Features problem-solving and practice activities. Graded objectives are arranged to allow you to follow an objective over several grades. Now you can fill in gaps or allow the student to progress as far as ability allows. Teaching strategies provide you with ideas for working with all learning styles to promote understanding of concepts and to increase problem solving ability. Activities are provided for initial instruction. Just add a few manipulatives to teach grades K-2. Supplement grades 3-8 with practice problems using software, workbooks, texts, kits, and/or games.

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