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The medallion belongs to the true king of Gadalla. In order to regain his rightful throne from his usurping uncle, Prince Trave must find and claim the medallion. But first he needs to decide whether or not to trust Gris, a strange old warrior who knew his father.
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Bob Jones Press JourneyForth Novels
Dawn L. Watkins
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Ages 9 - 12
222 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches



In Medallion, a Christian fantasy fiction novel, Dawn L. Watkins presents a willful prince who must learn the hard way that being a leader means being first a servant. Prince Trave encounters many dangersósuch as an earthquake, monstrous skreels, and treachery from those he thought were his friendsóbefore he faces the biggest challenge of all. Once he learns the real duties of a king, he must prove he is indeed worthy to rule his country.

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